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PHOMI, founded in 2008, is a materials technology company that has started a materials revolution, transforming natural soil into a new material: engineered clay.
PHOMI focuses on the frontier of international innovative eco-environmental materials, dedicating itself to the R&D and industrialization of econic clay and leading the global revolution of econic clay materials to alleviate environmental degradation caused by excessive global carbon emissions.

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Travertine 052KZ for Building Facades

Travertine 052KZ is one of our most popular products, suitable for interior and exterior walls.
A mixture of materials, shapes, and finishes allow you to express your style and create a lavish and contemporary feel. There are endless possibilities when it comes to econic clay tile, and we can help you find the perfect pattern that will accentuate a space.

Regular Size:600*300mm, 1200*600mm, 1200*1200mm, 2400*1200mm
Thickness: 3(±0.5)mm

For more textures and colors, please learn the Travertine Series

Crossard Mushroom Stone 038 for Building Facades

The coverings of mushroom stone with a strong sense of concavity and convexity restore the characteristics of real stone. For a unique and stylish finish, explore econic clay flexible material for your next project. Econic clay flexible material tile provides color and texture, and is available in a range of materials. Econic clay flexible material tile works on walls, kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces or outdoor. Use econic clay flexible material tile to create a subtle yet striking feature wall or to complement the rest of your space.

Regular Size:800*800mm, 800*400mm
Thickness: 3.5~12mm

For more colors, please learn the Mushroom Stone Tile.

G bricks 031043 for Building Facades

Bricks wall decoration is a versatile option with many applications including walls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor spaces, it is suitable for school, restaurant, coffee shop and commercial center. This budget friendly, long-lasting material makes for a beautiful installation. Our bricks series comes in a variety of colors that will fit any areas. You won't be limited in regards to colors or designs.

Regular Size:230*59mm
Thickness: 3.2~3.9mm

For more textures and colors, please learn the Facing Brick Series

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