PHOMI-Pioneer And Inventor Of Unfired Flexible Wall Cladding And Flooring

- Sep 28, 2017 -

In 2003,Phomi founder and partners set up Modified Clay laboratory in the United States, the initial purpose was to develop a new type of material for the replacement of asphalt and cement for municipal road pavement, and to apply the products to the Americas market.


In 2007,Phomi MCM project passed a rigorous evaluation of the Guangzhou Municipal Government Innovation Fund Committee of experts, won the first batch of Innovation Fund support from Guangzhou Municipal Government.

In January 2008,Phomi company was established in Guangzhou and become important project of the National Torch Plan, first timely entered the field of building decoration material.


In 2009,MCM Guangdong Province Application of technical regulations was formally promulgated. MCM became Guangzhou Asian Games old city transformation project designated products in June.

In 2010,MCM products were chosen as the venue construction product by Shenzhen World University Games.

In 2011,Chongqing city nominated MCM as reconstruction designated products.

In 2014,MCM National industry standards and Application of technical regulations formally promulgated, Phomi is the chief editorial unit.


In 2015,the first phase of Guangxi Laibin new production base officially put into production.

In 2016,the second phase of Guangxi Laibin new production base put in to construction.

In 2017,the third phase of Guangxi Laibin new production base put in to construction.

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