What Is Self-cleaning Ceramics?

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Self-cleaning ceramics, also known as Zhi Jie ceramics, it is the use of nano-materials, ceramic glaze made without pinhole defect of the super smooth surface, so that the glaze is not easy to hang dirty, even if there is dirt, can be easily washed off a new ceramic products, can be used as sanitary ceramics and indoor glazed tile

Due to the traditional ceramic production process, architectural health ceramic glaze Although the basic clean, but still have a small uneven defects, such as under the microscope, visible a large number of small pinhole, it is these tiny pinhole, so that the product in the use of the process will be hung dirty, need to be cleaned often.

In addition, these hang dirty will give old mold breeding to provide nutrition, so that the surface of the product black spots, even infectious bacteria, self-cleaning ceramics is to overcome the above defects and developed a new high-grade products, can greatly reduce the number of cleaning, can save water resources.

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