Environmental Performances On Modified Clay Material Tile

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Environmental Protector-Modified Clay Material Tile

No one can deny the fact that environmental friendly industry is mainstream with rapid development of economy. More and more people put great emphasis on circumstance protection, PHOMI MCM Soft and Flexible Tile is not an exception.


MCM building decorative materials meet the standard requirements listed below.

Modified Clay Tiles, low content rate of VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds),reaching the Grade A green standard of EU, is up to Grade E1 level and can be used for indoor decoration.


Low content rate of soluble heavy metals, MCM clay cladding conforms to Singapore Green Building Material Standard.


MCM wall cladding tiles, low content rate of toxic and harmful substances, being in line with international ROHS Standard of toxic substances.


MCM soft tile could be recycled to plant vegetation through pulverizing it into powder although it is wasted, unlike ceramic tile, which is barren, is not breathable with its impermeable layer.


MCM eco stone cladding, Zero emission,Zero effluent and Zero residue during manufacturing processes, leftover materials are also able to reutilize.   

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