Application Of Heavy Bamboo Material In Furniture

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Heavy bamboo also known as bamboo silk plate, is a high-density bamboo, it material selection than ordinary bamboo material selection more fine, general selection of more than five years of bamboo-age quality materials, through selection, cooking, drying, hot pressing and a series of strict production process, with dry shrinkage wet swelling rate of small, not easy to deformation, anti-corrosion, waterproof and weathering performance, there is a strong stability, can pass 72-hour cooking test, widely used in the production of outdoor flooring, outdoor furniture and indoor high-end furniture, staircases, exterior wall decoration.

Because the heavy bamboo furniture has the fine characteristic, wood-like natural texture, easy to process, is a sustainable development, green environmental protection materials, so heavy bamboo will be a lot of application in the furniture industry, and in the application of continuous quality improvement, it will provide a strong material guarantee for the development of our furniture industry.

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